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December 14, 2009

Update for Dec 14th

new comic page for Dec 14th is up


  1. born2roll_film1/28/12, 4:35 PM

    Hey, sweet comic! Funny and sexy. Can't wait to be introduced to the Daivas of Wrath and Pride! Are you going to do the other "modern" ones that new new Pope introduced (if I have my info right)?

  2. Hi there. Glad you're enjoying the comic. Wrath and Pride will be turning up in the very near future. I believe that the modern 7 deadly sins you refer to are: genetic modification, human experimentation, polluting the environment, social injustice, causing poverty, financial gluttony and drug abuse. They are very much modern issues largely tied to business ethics and globalization rather than individuals, so when they do turn up in the comic, they might be represented in a little different way. Plus we need to meet some more primary characters first... ;)