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April 19, 2010

April 19th

new comic page - She's found...somthing


  1. Weertangel21/28/12, 6:03 PM

    First, i love your comic! great theme and very good artwork! I loved the first story with the Winny the Pooh rip-off, if they ever went dirty that would indeed be how it would turn out ;) And the newest Daiva is so cute! (can't wait to see her Wings) i hope u keep making this comic and lets hope it will run a looooong time! ofc i also hope for more updates, but can't have it all eh?

  2. Glad that you enjoy the comic as much as I do! Currently, updating more than once a week isn't practical at this time due to other projects/commitments. There are a lot of story ideas in my brain that need to come to fruition though, so the plan is that the series will be going on for quite awhile :D

  3. Weertangel21/28/12, 6:05 PM

    Good to hear! so put those idea's on paper before they fade away ;) and a question just occurred to me, why aren't there any plush servants to the dark lord? seems strange that he has human(oid) servants but not the same type of being he is, but then again, maybe they burn to easy? hehe. anyway,have a nice weekend!

  4. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if some new minions were recruited in the future. ;)