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October 18, 2010

Oct 18th

Comic page Page 91 is up. 12 panels on one page. That's a new record around here.


  1. Demonic_kitten_1/28/12, 9:51 PM

    was Sinnamon Wraths sister?

  2. hmm That wasn't really in the plan. Did it come off that way? Facto's emphasis of "my" was intended to be assertive and imply that there was no way She would allow Ursa to take Ipso as was attempted. But I can see where maybe it could be interpreted as "kill my sister as you did your sister". Saying it out loud as though angry, it seemed like "not" and "my" just naturally emphasized so I let Facto run with it.
    There will be more on Sinnamon soon. It brings some things full circle.

  3. I really loved todays comic, the last two frames with the twins and whatshername (beat me, I have to look up the names all the time) are just great.
    About the my - I interpreted it as just a form of greed and not implying that this Sinnamon person was related to any other character. So there are more camps among your audience ;)