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November 1, 2010

Nov 1st

Comic page 93 is up. There is also a new wallpaper in the downloads section of Lucy. It is also a bit less 'busy' of a wallpaper for those with crowded desktops.


  1. Sarah_On_MSN1/28/12, 10:07 PM

    I'm the number one Belle fan, I think. She's just awesome. Keep up the good work, Ben. It's always fun to see your work.

  2. Sarah_On_MSN1/28/12, 10:08 PM

    Also, I have to ask Ben. Is the wallpaper something you made just for the download section,Or is it one of Lucy's faces taken from a comic panel and enlarged, with a black background?

  3. Well, since you asked: The idea behind the design was that her costume and hair being black would bleed into the background so it would be the flesh areas that formed her shape in the wallpaper. But what I didn't consider/realize until I actually did the color was that the top of her gloves didn't really read well. It made her look like her arms had been cut off. Ultimately, I decided it was better to just go with the face shot and cut it off at the collar but the image I had just wasn't awesome that way so I opted to go with an old favorite that I felt read better as just the face for now.

  4. Sarah_On_MSN1/28/12, 10:13 PM

    That's Sockreligous. Nah, It's cute. Must've been way quicker to make then the last wallpaper however.