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June 13, 2011

Awesome things

So there's a lot of awesome things that we could post about today....
Page 125 ends chapter 5 so we can begin a new story with new characters;
This summer marks the second anniversary that the Devilbear comic has been online;
The new vinyl Helle Belle stickers turned out gorgeous;
and starting the week of June 27th Devilbear will become a 2 day per week comic posting on both Mondays AND Thursdays. So that's all awesome!

But do you know what's more awesome than any of those things? You. Yes, you. Without readers like you, none of those things listed above would have meaning. Your continued readership and support goes a long way into motivating the creative process and the last two years have been just amazing. So thank you so much just for reading and enjoying Devilbear as much as I do.

So next Monday there will be a title page and the first page of chapter 6 - plus wallpapers and avatars from Laundry Day in the Downloads section. Then the following week we will be going twice a week on the comic update! Hells, Yes!


  1. Sarah_On_MSN3/4/12, 8:38 PM

    Awesome, Ben.

  2. Huzzah! Teddy bear hell, twice weekly! It's like twice as much combustion in the same amount of time! As an aside, the column of skulls in this week's page...I don't know why, but that one stunned eyeball in the middle of it made me laugh. Nice touch!